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March 07, 2017
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Edible readers are concerned, connected, savvy and community minded. Exactly the sorts of customers you want. They are the first to know about a great new restaurant, the first to shop a scrumptious new food shop, the first to suggest a day trip to tour a nearby winery.  Edible Philly readers are passionate about food. They want to discover, explore and experience the region’s wonderful culinary offerings.

And, they trust us. They know that, as part of the award-winning Edible Communities group of publications, we are an honest, smart and beautiful resource. Our editorial  – and advertising – pages are their trusted guide to local foods and food culture.

To discuss an advertising partnership and to learn more about how Edible Philly can help you build your business in 2016, please contact Ray Painter at 973.902.3237 or


Issue                                    Spring                  Summer                    Fall                         Winter

Publication Date                 March 1                 June 15                 September 1         November 15

Ad Space Deadline             February 2            May 15                  August 1                October 15

Material Deadline                February 9            May 22                  August 7                October 22


ADVERTISING SIZES (width x height)

Full page (full bleed)               8.625″ x 11.125″*
(w/ white margin allowance)    7.5″ x 9.75″
Half pagehorizontal            7.5″ x 4.75″
Half pagevertical                3.75″ x 9.75″
Quarter page                          3.75″ x 4.75″
Eighth page                             3.75″ x 2.25″
Covers (full bleed)
8.625″ x 11.125″*  
Inside front                          
8.625″ x 11.125″*
Inside back                            8.625″ x 11.125″*
*includes 1/8” bleed on all sides.


Edible Philly is printed on uncoated stock with a perfect binding. Trim size is 8.375” x 10.875”.

Ad materials can be submitted in one of the following formats:

  • High resolution PDF files—all fonts MUST be embedded and the file at least 300 dpi.
  • Photoshop tiff or eps files (Greyscale for black & white ads, CMYK for color ads. No spot color, ie, Pantone, etc.)
  • In Photoshop, use the Color Profile, US WEB uncoated V2.
  • InDesign (CS4) for Mac. Files must be sent in folders with all screen and printer fonts, and all linked graphics.

Ads must be built to the exact measurements for the size ad you are submitting. Files must be at a minimum of 300 dpi at 100% size (for example: 3.75” wide by 4.75” tall for quarter page ads, etc.). 72 dpi files (for web), in RGB color are not accepted for print production. Questions? Call Edible Philly at 973.902.3237 prior to deadline.

Creative and production services are available. Please ask for costs.

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